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We are the best roofing contractors and waterproofing contractors Cape Town has to offer. So, for all your roof repairs Cape Town and beyond, get in touch. We serve lots of different areas, including Cape Town northern suburbs, and Durbanville.

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We strive to be the best waterproofing specialist in Cape Town. All of our workers and very highly trained and well experienced in the area of waterproofing.

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Damp Proofing

Waterproofing Cape Town can help with any damp issues in your home. We are very experienced in damp proofing in Cape Town and have tons of experience and expertise.

We can get rid of the damp in your home permanently with our fully comprehensive service. We carry out a full survey, provide you with a quotation, get on with the job and then provide you with our guarantee. We have all of the necessary insurance and have excellent reviews from our loyal customers.

Waterproofing Services in Cape Town

Waterproofing Cape Town

Waterproofing services including roof waterproofing, damp proofing, gutter installation, roofing repair and renovation, and waterproof paint sales.

There are many different forms of damp and lots of different causes. Our specialists in damp proofing have the first task of finding the root cause of your damp problem. Damp is normally caused by a build-up of excess water, a faulty waterproof membrane or a problem with drainage. Even a tiny leak can cause damp over time.

If it’s a leaky roof, gutter, or pipe that leaks, there will be a build-up of moisture, which will cause plaster to loosen and flake. This is a common sign of a problem with damp. Rising damp is caused by a problem with drainage or insulation. This can also harm your health if left untreated. We provide long-lasting and cost-effective solutions to your damp problem.

Roof repair and renovation

Waterproofing Cape Town are expert contractors roof repair and renovations. Our roofing team covers all of your roofing needs from fixing a small leak to the design and building of a brand new roof. What’s more, we can fix, repair, and renovate any type of roof so whether you’ve got a pitched roof, shingle roof, tile roof, slate roof, concrete roof, flat roof, or balcony, our team can help you with your requirements.

Renovating your roof

Our comprehensive roof renovation service is available to restore your broken, tired or old roof to be like new. We can fix any problems including broken tiles and slate as well as leaks.

Roof repairs and maintenance

Whatever the problem with your roof, we’re on hand to help you fix the issue as quickly as possible in order to prevent any further damage to the roof, timber, and structure of you’re the building. Whatever your roof type, we can certainly help you. We repair tile, corrugated, slate, Perspex, iron, shingle, and concrete roofs. We can patch up your waterproofing membrane and replace cracked or missing tiles too. We also help with insulation.

New roof construction

Planning, designing and constructing a new roof is an easy job for us! We work with you every step of the way. Call us for more information.

Fascia and Gutter Installation

Not only do well-maintained fascias, weatherboards, and gutters make a property look more appealing, they are actually an important part of the upkeep of your home. A damaged, leaking or broken gutter can cause a build-up of moisture, which in turn, can cause problems with damp. Damp is a really serious problem in a building so it’s best to avoid it in the first place.

Thankfully, our expert team of professionals are on hand to deal with all of your fascia and gutter needs in Cape Town. We are able to repair or replace your fascia boards, weatherboards and guttering easily and efficiently. We use the most up-to-date techniques and materials for a solution that is durable and long lasting.

Our experts can replace or repair guttering on any building, home, commercial property or structure with ease. We know how best to detect leaks and can source the root of your problems before providing information on the best solution to solve the problems and save your property from extensive damage. We are very competitive in price too.

Whatever your requirements for fascia boards, weatherboards and gutters, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

Waterproofing Services in Cape Town

Roof coating

Roof coatings create a seamless seal that solves leaks on almost any sort of roof substrate. The coating is a fluid-applied membrane that is monolithic and fully adhered. Due to its elastic properties, it can stretch and move then return to its original shape with no damage. Roof coatings also serve to protect the roof from the elements, including UV rays. In fact, having a roof coating can give your roof around 25 extra years of life! A roof coating is easy to install. Get in touch today for a free quotation.

Roof cleaning

It is important to clean your roofs frequently in order to extend its life. Cleaning a roof involves processes to remove dirt, moss and algae which can build up on shady spots and which can mean your roof doesn’t last as long as it should.

There are various different ways of cleaning roofs. Many devices use high-pressure water jets with brushes that revolve. Often, cleaning is done with a vinegar or bleach solution. To prevent the regrowth of moss and algae, people often install zinc strips near the peak of the roof. We offer a variety of roof cleaning services in Cape Town. Call us now for a free quotation.

Roof Waterproofing

We are roof waterproofing experts! We know that doing a patch job over a leaking area is like sticking a plaster over a cut that’s infected with no cleaning taking place. We know the steps that need to be taken to stop a roof being leaky permanently. The main reason people turn to a patch-up job is due to funds but, in reality, you’re going to have to pay again sooner for the lot to be repaired. It is better to pay more now as you will save money in the long run!

Our experts have all of the knowledge and expertise to be able to waterproof a roof safely. They know how to walk on the roof without causing cracking or scratching the paint of the tiles. Our experts also understand that you have to think about following the natural flow of water when installing waterproofing.

How it works

When you contact us, one of our consultants will create a convenient appointment to visit you at the property for a site inspection. The consultant will then draw up a personalized quotation and send it to you. If you’re happy for us to go ahead with the work, we will book you in for the work to be done as quickly as possible.

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